Sophia L. Johnson

I was born in China and later moved to Toronto.  I did the unthinkable of flying half-way across the globe by myself at the age of nine, not knowing even a word of English.  I was lucky my parents didn't decide to cheap out and check me in as a luggage instead.  But all jokes aside, it was because of financial and physical limitations that I had to fly to Canada solo.  It was a great adventure for a nine year-old girl to be honest; aside from the puking and the starvation due to inedible raw vegetables and smelly goo of which I later found out are called salad and cheese. 

Twenty-five years later, I have a beautiful daughter of my own and a loving husband.  We're still in Toronto.  I'm not going anywhere.  This is the best city to be.  Well unless my book takes off and I get to move to Hollywood and make millions like Suzanne Collins or Veronica Roth . . .  A girl can only dream.

Some of you might wonder how I make a living, since we all know writing is not the most lucrative profession, unless you are one of the two aforementioned authors.  I am a massage therapist and a college instructor by day and a writer by night (and weekends).  I did take a stab at the corporate world after my business management degree from Schulich School of Business of York University but that's a different story for a later time. 

All I'm saying is, please buy my book!